Large-Scale Water Infrastructure Solutions for Energy Producers

Select is your total midstream water management partner. We leverage our strategic infrastructure assets including extensive water sources, a network of produced water pipelines and gathering systems, recycling technology, and saltwater disposal wells to deliver large-scale water solutions for oilfield operators. From gathering to disposal and reuse, we provide a complete strategy for water delivery and removal that fits your unique situation. 


Put Your Produced Water To Work

Our team is uniquely qualified to navigate the complexities of produced water management. We consider each customer’s unique situation to develop a complete solution for water delivery and removal that fits your needs. A midstream water management solution can reduce your overall water footprint, decrease truck traffic on location, and lower operating costs. To be successful, you need a trusted partner on your long-term, large-scale water infrastructure projects.

Commercialized Recycling Facilities 

Select has over a dozen permanent recycling facilities. Hover over any image below to see the location and daily capacity of each treatment facility. 

High-Capacity Oilfield Waste Management Solutions

Saltwater Disposal

We own and operate over 100 active permitted saltwater disposal wells that total over one million barrels per day of capacity for saltwater and incidental non-hazardous oil and gas waste. Our team of geologists and landmen strategically identifies each location and each facility is built with the environment, safety, and convenience of our clients and communities in mind.

Solid Waste Management

Our specialized solid waste facilities are permitted to accept solid waste from oil exploration and production activities, including drill cuttings and other solids. Each facility is designed and constructed to adhere to the latest standards for the safe handling of solid waste. 


A Leader in Produced Water Infrastructure 

With a leading position in the Permian Basin, our team continues to explore infrastructure development opportunities to provide operators throughout the U.S. with produced water management solutions to continue the U.S. energy renaissance. 

produced water infrastructure map - permian basin

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